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Open 10:00am / Close 19:00pm
Last admission 18:00pm




About Re-entry

Are children allowed to enter alone?
Children cannot enter alone.They must be accompanied by guardians. 
How old does Kid play in the park?
From 0-12 years old. No facility usage charge is imposed on infants under age 5-month-old.
How many guardian is needed for each child?
One guardian is needed to accompany with 3 children.
For your children safety, each child must be accompanied by a guardian.
Are adults are allowed to enter the park?
Sorry, adults only are not allowed to get in the park.Welcome to Pregnant (first child). Please show us your Maternity Passbook to the reception and facility usage fee will be charged.
Is adult’s rotation possible?
Rotation for two guardians is available (members only).Please inform our staff at the entrance.
Is re-entry possible?
Re-entry is not allowed for general price.“Washroom re-entry” is possible if you are elementary school kids or above.

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About Membership

Is there any registration or annual fee for membership registration?
No registration fee and no annual fee is needed. You can register at the reception.Membership card will be issued immediately once registered.
How to join the membership?
Please inform our staff for “membership registration”.Please fill in the registration form.

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About our park

Are there toilets inside the facility?
There are no toilets inside the Aneby Trimpark Lab. Please be sure to go prior to entry.
If you do need to use the toilet after entry, please leave with your child and use the toilets in The Mall Mizuho 16. Please be sure to never leave your child alone inside the facility.
Is there any Diaper Changing and Breastfeeding Room?
Yes, diaper changing and Breastfeeding room are well prepared.
Is it possible to drink or eat something inside?
Only drinking is allowed.
Is it possible to bring some drinks in the park?
Water bottle or canteen with lid is okay to bring in. Vending machines are provided as well.
Do you have a place to leave baby buggies?
They can be left in the Off-Road Area opposite reception. There is only limited space, so please fold your buggy up first. Please keep all valuables on your person at all times.
Do you have key lockers?
They are located in the Off-Road Area opposite reception. Please be aware that all lockers may already be in use at busy times, such as at weekends.
Kids wear shoes to play in the park?
There are with-shoes and barefoot area.
Please wear the shoes which are easily to take out, as there are a lot of play equipment and a lot of chance to move your body. For the safety reasons, please DO NOT come in skating shoes.Please come with the shoes which are easy to move and do exercise.
Is it possible to go in with pets?
Sorry, no pets is allowed.
Thank you for your cooperation for providing a safety and comfortably environment to kids.
Is it possible to take photos or video?
Photo-shooting is welcome under no disturbance to other customers basis.
Not only focus on photo-taking. Please enjoy the time of playing with your kids. 
Is the place suitable for babies?
There are specific area for infants.And, guardians can experience the growth of infants through different kinds of games.
When is the peak hours?
12:00-17:00pm during weekend is the peak hours.
To aviod peak hours, you are encouraged to go to the park in the morning session.

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About Parking

Do you have parking spaces?
Please use the free parking offered by The Mall Mizuho.

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Business Hour

What time is reception open until?
Reception closes at 18:00. Please enter the facility before that time.

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About the Fee

Is there any extension fee for Adult?
No extension fee for Adult. We charge Facility Usage Charge for adult only.
We will charge first hour of admission fee at the reception.
Extension fee of children will be charged if one hour is exceed.
“Weekday 1 Day Free Pass for Kids” can be purchased anytime?“
Weekday 1 Day Free Pass for Kids” is available on weekdays only.
The amount is limited and the number of the amount will be changed daily.
Can the child 3-hour ticket be purchased at all times?
This type of ticket is on sale every day, including weekends and holidays.
Sale will end at 16:00, which is three hours before we close.
“Weekday 1 Day Free Pass for Kids”, “Weekday 3 hours Ticket for Kids” and “Book of Tickets”?
Please note they all are special plan for members only.
Please register as our members if you would like to purchase them.
No registration fee or no annual fee is needed.