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HABA Climbing Wall,Tranpoline,Gymnastics Area

Healthy hearts and healthy minds through full-on physical play!

HABA Climbing Wall,Tranpoline,Gymnastics AreaThis is where play goes all out. Enhance your child's sense of balance, physical strength and reflexes!

We also hold events in the Gymnastics Area. Get full-on training from professionals! When there's no event being held, it's always an open space.
Parents and children can enjoy playing on balance boards. Maybe your child will even do better than you!

We also have large trampolines from the Hally-gally company. Trampolining is actually a full body sport! Just jumping for a minute can wear out even an adult.
Everyone from children to adults can enjoy bouncing, including people in a wheelchair!

The climbing wall helps to hone concentration and balance.
Climbing high will give your child confidence and allow them to experience a real feeling of victory!
In front of the climbing wall there is also a swing that allows the theory of the pendulum to be experienced and enjoyed.
Swing around on a large ball! The swing itself is also changed daily.
There are safety mats on the floor, so there's no need to worry about injuries.

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