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Play Labo,Factory Labo

Supporting the things you "want to do"!

Play Labo,Factory LaboA completely closed-off space. There are all sorts of wonderful things to encounter in here.

As soon as you come inside, you'll see the Dream Lab.
A place to take on your dreams.
From experimental apparatus that you are free to use any time, to coached science experiments.
This is also a place where children can lay their hands on rare and precious materials that they don't normally see. There are sometimes inventions to be made, and even a woodworking classroom.

Next to the Dream Lab is the Factory Lab.
This is a special place normally off limits.
There are real power tools here, allowing wood to be cut, shaped and polished. Access is only allowed during events or classes run by coaches or professionals.
Such occasions are opportunities for your child to use tools they normally aren't allowed to touch and to make something super special together with mum or dad.

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